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My Moleskine Cahier Project(s)

I've proposed a project for myself. My internal critic makes me add that this is only ONE of the projects I've proposed for myself in the past three weeks.

I know. She's a jackass.

I would like to point out that I outline most of my proposed projects. I've already sketched out what I want to do for Inktober as well as practice pieces I want to do beforehand. And this project I'm talking about is very open ended.

My internal critic once again prompts me to add that we (I mean, I) had an outline for last year's Inktober, too. Did I finish that?

No comment.

(But really, it's going to be different this year: I'm not setting myself up for failure. I'm not going to do all 31 days, I'm just going to do, like, 6 . . . or maybe 9 . . . ? Shut up.)

Anyways, the project that I want to talk about today is my little Moleskine Cahier Project. If you follow me on Instagram (@sarasilkwood), you'll have seen some of the pieces I've finished (HA!). My goal with the project (and I use that term loosely) is to finish a drawing in the sketchbook every week. The medium for all of it will be colored pencil: Indigo Col-Erase for the underdrawing with Black Col-Erase and Black Faber-Castell Polychromos to finish them off. I'm really trying not to overthink it. So far, all of the pieces have been loosely based on a photo I've squirreled away in one of my inspiration files.

Week 1. Loosely captioned "The princess I see in my dreams."

After the first one, I decided that the image needs to be story driven. No, I don't have a concrete definition of what I mean by that. Stahpit. I also wanted to work on composition and designing the page, keeping in mind strong shapes and simplified values.

The underdrawing and the first few layers of value

Compositionally, I really like the second piece. The shapes, the way the characters are interacting. Mm. I wish I could pull stuff like that out of my brain all the time.

Week 2: "Well, my dear, it's a very difficult case."

I may or may not have skipped a week. But you can't prove it. And anyway, the other goal is to do more quick watercolor sketches in my . . . other sketchbook. Which I did. Which we'll talk about another time.

This is where this week's piece is.

I'm encountering a problem with being bold value-wise with all of these. I'm too worried about producing a "bad" drawing and it's keeping me from pushing where I know I need to push.

Overall, I'm pleased and excited about where this is going. As pleased and excited as I can be 3 pieces in.

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