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Let Inktober Begin

Fair warning: these might just end up being brain dumps. Not to be taken too seriously.

Ugh. That should be my mantra right now "not to be taken too seriously". This whole blogging/journaling thing is like holding up a mirror sometimes. I feel like I'm drowning in the heaviness of life. And there, I just typed up exactly what I need to do: stop taking myself so seriously. And now that I'm thinking of it, something's been telling me that for the last few days. So, ha! Lets move on.

I've been thinking this month about Inktober - probably because it's just around the corner. I love Inktober. Something about it captivates my imagination. Last year, Nabetse Zitro did a 31 day film noir detective story thing and it was weird and AMAZING. I loved it!

My inking skills are sub-par, unfortunately.

But I'm going to try. Remember those 6-9 pictures I had "planned out" for Inktober this year? Yeah. And a few of them are turning into stories, too. And I don't need any more story ideas. Really. As of my count just now, I have 54 story ideas in various stages of development languishing in my "Story Folder". I can't help it. I'll turn on the TV or see a photo or a glance of something when I'm running errands just grabs me and a story pops out! Ugh. I mean, they're not all Hugo Award winners, but there's one or two . . . I don't know. They could be something . . .

You know that scene with the tricycle kid from the Incredibles? Yeah, insert that here.

Anyway. the internal critic wants me to note that neither you nor I should really get too excited. About me finishing my "mini-version" of Inktober, I mean. I'm already behind on everything in my life and I've got a 50 mile rucking event to do the second week in October that I'm still training for and . . . Yeah. Each of these Inktober pieces is turning into an event and I'd have to do at least two per week.

I'm going to try. I really am. But if you don't hear from me it's because I'm either dead or I ran away to Alaska to live as a hermit.

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